Loterie Farm: a unique experience

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Loterie Farm: a unique experience

Nestled in the heart of a magnificent tropical forest, the Loterie Farm offers outdoor activities in a relaxed and chic atmosphere.

At the foot of Paradise Peak, the highest point on the island at 424m above sea level, is a former sugar factory. Built in 1773, all activities ceased in 1855. Today it is a tropical jewel, where plant and animal species are carefully documented and protected.

To discover the indigenous species of the island, take the incredible rope course, suitable for young and old alike.

For refreshment, stop in at the Tree Lounge, which offers, from noon on, a selection of tapas, fast food, delicious cocktails, and an exceptional view of the Paradise Peak. Connected by waterfalls, the farm's ‘Water lounge cabaña club & pool' is a multi-level pool system of more than 500 square meters surrounded by nearly one acre of tropical greenery; it welcomes you for a moment of pure relaxation and fun.

Loterie Farm
Route Pic Paradis
97150 Saint-Martin

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