Unaccompanied children

For children traveling alone, we created our Kids Solo service: our staff accompanies your child and ensures his or her comfort and safety at the airport, on board and during connecting flights. Your child also receives meals and entertainment suited to his or her age.

Booking and assistance

Assistance conditions for children traveling alone (i.e. not accompanied by an adult) vary depending on the child's age and travel destination.

Please note:
  • An accompanying adult may be under 18 years of age if he or she is the child's father, mother or legal guardian.
  • If your child is traveling on the same flight as you, but in a different travel cabin, this is considered traveling alone.

Air France also provides assistance for children with disabilities or reduced mobility, some conditions apply. For more information, please contact Saphir, our service for passengers with reduced mobility.

Assistance for your child


You can book a ticket for your child online for all flights provided by Air France. You must indicate that your child will be traveling alone when purchasing his or her ticket. You must then fill out a handling form online.
Your child's check-in
For children traveling alone, check-in is available:
  • Online: a provisional check-in document will be issued after check-in. You will need to present this document at the check-in counter when your child is taken under the care of our staff.
  • At an Air France check-in counter at the airport, at least 30 minutes before the Check-in Deadline for their flight.
To avoid any last-minute stress, we recommend you complete your child's “Unaccompanied Minor” handling form in advance, as it will be requested during check-in. You can download:
  • An automatically completed form when booking online.
  • The form directly from this page and complete it online.

Please print several copies of the form before arriving at the airport. Depending on the number of connecting flights during your child’s trip, you will need to print the following:
  • Direct flight with no connections: 2 copies.
  • Flight with 1 connection: 3 copies.
  • Flight with more than 1 connections: 4 copies.

Please note: changes cannot be made to the automatically completed form. If you need to make any modifications, please download, complete and print the standard form below.
If your child is traveling on a flight provided by our partner Delta Airlines, there’s no need to complete the “Unaccompanied Minor” handling form for your child in advance. We will provide you with a specific form to complete at the airport.


Is your child traveling to the United States in the near future? He or she must provide a customs declaration upon arrival. Please download and complete the form at your earliest convenience.

Comfort and safety throughout the trip

Please bring your child to the airport check-in counter at least 30 minutes before the Check-in Deadline for your child’s flight. We will then provide a meeting time and place from which our staff will greet and escort your child to the aircraft.

Save time by collecting your child's boarding pass at an interactive kiosk if you did not print it at home.

We ask that you check in any baggage item that your child cannot carry on his or her own.

Please wait to receive our SMS confirming the actual departure of your child’s flight before leaving the airport. If the flight is canceled, you may need to stay with your child while waiting for the new flight. The person designated to pick up your child will also receive an SMS confirming the estimated arrival time.
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Your child receives our Kids Solo service. Our staff provides continuous supervision and ensures his or her comfort and safety.
On intercontinental flights, your child enjoys games, films, cartoons, radio programs for children, and receives fun gifts to play with.
We provide a meal adapted to your child's tastes and needs on all flights over 2.5 hours. Starting at age 9, your child receives a regular meal, but can still choose the children's menu if desired. In this case, please remember to request the children's menu when booking the ticket, or at least 24 hours prior to the flight's departure.

Please educate your child, particularly if your child is an adolescent, that changing seats is not permitted during the flight. Please remind him or her to remain seated upon arrival, until accompanied by an Air France guardian.

Please note: if your child is traveling on the same flight as you but in a different cabin, he or she must remain under his or her Air France guardian's supervision until arrival.
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With the Kids Solo service, our staff provides continuous supervision to your child during connecting flights. This also applies if you are making the same trip but in a different cabin.
For connecting flights of more than 2 hours,* your child is welcomed in the Air France connecting area reserved for children traveling alone at Paris-Orly and Paris-Charles de Gaulle airports.

These lounges are specially equipped to offer activities for everyone: rest, reading, cartoons, board games and foosball (table soccer). Wifi access is free and there are Sony Playstation PS4 consoles and PS Vitas available for children!

* 1 hour at Paris-Orly
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Upon arrival, your child exits the aircraft after the other passengers. A member of our staff then accompanies your child to the person designated for pick-up. This person receives an SMS confirming the flight's estimated arrival time. This person must arrive at the airport with valid photo ID.

Please note: if your child has traveled on the same flight as you but in a different cabin, he or she disembarks last, accompanied by his or her Air France guardian. You can certainly accompany your child but he or she remains under the guardian's supervision until arrival in the terminal.
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Your child receives priority care and attention from Air France staff in the event of a flight delay or cancellation. An Air France staff member remains present with your child at all times, even if lodging is necessary.
We immediately inform the individuals listed on the UM handling form of any measures taken for your child at any point in the trip.
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